EcoHealth Ontario's goal is to develop new collaborations among the human health, social and environmental sectors and build a common agenda to foster improved health and well being outcomes for Ontarians through the provision of better ecosystem quality, increased green space and enhanced access to nature.

Our objective are to:

  • Determine research needs and identify knowledge gaps

  • Undertake or compile evidence-based research about the interactions among natural systems and human health and well-being;

  • Develop a shared set of values among public health, medical, education, planning and environmental sectors and professionals;

  • Develop new collaborative relationships across the public health, medical, education, planning and environmental sectors;

  • Share information and perspectives to enhance systems thinking and improve health outcomes;

  • Develop shared communication, education and outreach messaging for use by collaborative partners; and

  • Encourage policy and program changes that help advance the protection, restoration and enhancement of ecosystem services for the health and well-being of our communities.


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